Safety Fair History

Life Flight

The Safety Fair happens every year on the first Saturday in June.

Except for in 2007 when it was held in the Hamilton Indoor Rec Center, it has always been at the Eastside Marketplace parking lot.

The first Safety Fair took place on Saturday, June 4th 2005.

300 children and adults attended. Thank you to Staples who created and produced over 1000 fliers for the event. Local radio and newspapers also promoted the event.

Saturday June 2 2006. Over 500 children and adults attended.

The third Kid's Safety Fair took place on Saturday, June 2 2007 at the Hamilton Indoor Rec Center. New entities participated including the Rotary club. They served free hot dogs to over 500 children and adults.


How To Get Involved

It takes many people, organizations and businesses to make this event happen each year!

Meetings start in January to plan for June. Each year support and participation has grown and we thank all who have made this event in a sucess in the past and are currently working to make it happen again this year.

If you would like to contribute to the Officer Newbill Safety Fair this year, click here and learn about the different ways you can help