Who is Lee Newbill

LeeLee Stewart Newbill was born in Newport Beach, California October 3, 1958.

Officer Newbill ended his watch May 19, 2007.

Lee loved music, especially Celtic music and while he could not sing, he was self-taught with the fiddle and dulcimer. However, as he practiced the fiddle he was often asked to take his efforts to another room. Lee was a great storyteller. He had a gift for turning everyday happenings into entertaining stories to share with family and friends.

Lee died doing what he loved, serving people. Lee's last words were to tell his partner to take cover as they came under fire that last night.

It is not how he died that makes Lee a hero, it's how he lived his life.

Lee's father was a marine aviator and Lee gained much of his love for history by living all over the United States and in the Panama Canal Zone.

Lee graduated from high school in Cherry Point, North Carolina. Afterwards he attended college in northern Virginia until transferring to the University of Idaho, where he graduated in 1982.

Lee married Rebecca Fouts December 22, 1981 in Twin Falls, Idaho, hometown of Lois and the late Marvin Fouts. He was proudly sworn in as a commissioned Army officer in May 1982 and served in the army for ten years.

Please help by celebrating his life with your happy memories of him.


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